Students Wing



The Coalition of Northern Groups has identified the lack of adequate mentorship as a major impedement to the overall progress of the Northern Youth. This weakness which is fuelled by severe poverty, sub-standard education, destructive role modelling, mass joblessness and other limitations, have left young northerners struggling for survival.

Battalions of unemployed employable youths have been rendered redundant, often classified as incompetent, inexperienced, and incapable of competing in today's fast- moving global community. They have invariably assumed the role of  contributors to the region's multiple socio-political and economic challenges, rather than being a part of the solution.

In this regard, the North has been overtaken by a sweeping wind of moral degeneracy personified by a generation of disrespectful youths that readily tilt towards insultive confrontations in debating otherwise important issues or expressing self on public platforms.

This is compounded by the escalating trend of drug and substance abuse in the North that threaten to dislocate the social cohesion of the region and create a class of aimless and dehumanized individuals who will forever remain a burden on the society.

The poverty of ideas in the grooming of our youth only presents the potential of breeding a set of political leaders that lack the capacity to engage our federating partners with the attendant failure of presenting an articulate and coherent northern position on economic and political matters.

This is in addition to our deficiency in the proper understanding of the history of our nation, as well as the diverse cultures of our peoples.

Consequently, future political leaders are not brought up to understand the imperative of utilizing the opportunities of the nation's religious and ethno-cultural diversities to evolve a new society in which prejudices no longer predominate our ways of life. Our politics and power play thus exist only at peripheral levels.

The previously vibrant students movement appears to have lost its ideological direction in the past decades. Prior to this dip in consciousness, students had a clear vision of society and participated in its organization and function.

We believe that all these can change if future leaders are deliberately and sufficiently groomed and armed with the necessary skills to assume important roles in our society.

In the bid to bring about this needed regional rebirth, the COALITION OF NORTHERN GROUPS has created a STUDENTS WING to serve as platform for the proper mentorship and grooming of a new breed of outstanding future leaders that would contribute meaningfully in advancing a sustainable northern region in the context of a prosperous Nigeria.

It will also be a catalyst for repositioning youths for greater involvement in entrenching a culture of accountability, probity and sustainability in the political system and among public office holders.


Mission and Vision

To identify and equip promising student leaders of good character with the potential for future public service and requisite leadership skills rooted in ethical and effective representation as well as promote a robust youth participation in the political system.

The long-term goal is to provide a platform for the development of a new breed of visionary and accountable leaders to serve as true change agents and become exemplary democrats in Northern Nigeria by supporting them through leadership roles in their respective communities.

It aims to reawaken the political consciousness of the youths who represent the largest part our population and to harness their ample talents and dynamic energies to promote participatory democracy in Nigeria.

It will as well provide a framework for direct and sustained engagement with the youth for moral and political reorientation and sensitize their minds towards treating the drug issue as an existential threat to the future and hopes of the North that are reposed in them.