Official Statement by the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) Congratulating Nigerians on a Successful Independence Day Celebration

The Coalition of Northern Groups is proudly happy to join the government and all the people of Nigeria for the unprecedented unity with which this year’s October 1 Independence Day was celebrated.

To the utter disappointment of the numerous Judasses in and outside government, this year’s Independence Day was celebrated in a more collective, cheerful and peaceful spirit than ever before.

This glory goes to the Almighty Goad and indeed to the effort of the CNG which began early June this year to awaken the country to the reality of the escalation of a hitherto dangerous divisive tendency posed by an equally dangerous separatist terror group.

The credit also goes to the Federal Government of Nigeria and all sections of the security agencies for the prompt attention given to the truly patriotic concerns raised by CNG as well as the dispassionately profession and democratic manner with which they approached the situation.

We specifically commend the equally patriotic efforts put up by the Borno state Governor Kashim ¬†¬†Shettima who courageously led a patriotic section of the Northern Governors’ Forum into a dialogue that immensely contributed to the dousing of ethnic tensions.

The statesmanlike roles played by the Northern Elders Forum in particular and other northern political, cultural, traditional and religious leaders in this regard must also be appreciated and commended.

We must also acknowledge and commend the untiring efforts of all CNG’ state and local government coordinators in conveying the message of unity and harmony to their respective communities.

Most significantly too, are the unprecedented support, understanding, encouragement and resilience extended by the entire northern people to the struggle of the CNG on which the entire success of this year’s Independence Day celebration rested.

CNG is also grateful to the cooperation of Igbo leaders in the North in particular and all other Igbo groups and leaders outside and within the Igboland in towing the path of unity by denouncing the terrorist IPOB and its activities as advised by CNG.

The professional roles played by all sections of Nigerian and foreign media in this respect is also recognized and appreciated.

As we join all Nigerians in the celebration of the achievement of this historic feat, we are also proud to restate our commitment to working with all genuinely nationalist groups and agencies to ensure a future peaceful, more united, stronger and prosperous Nigeria.

We finally reassure the North of CNG’ commitment to the resolute defence of the region’s interest and the reclamation and protection of the integrity of its founders, its elders, all categories of leaders, and indeed its cultural, religious and traditional values no matter the odds.