Notice of Our Letter to the United Nations

His Excellency,

Rtd Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida,

Former Nigerian Military President.




We are happy to acknowledge your noble contributions to the ongoing efforts for calming the ethnic tensions brought about by the unconventional methods of the Biafran agitators in recent times.

We are also impressed by your genuine intentions and commitment to one united and peaceful Nigeria devoid of ethnic bitterness and distrust.

We keenly monitored events that trailed the Federal Government’s initiative towards ensuring a peaceful resolution of the matters that arose following the Kaduna Declaration in response to the provocation by the Biafran Igbo.

We have observed that in total disregard of these efforts, Kanu and his IPOB have engaged in the mobilization of huge crowds and intensified their campaigns of hate and threats of violence across major cities of the South-East.

More disturbing is Kanu’s latest threat to kill Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a respected former President of Nigeria and African statesman along with his family.

This renewed onslaught by Kanu has further deepened our conviction that only a referendum can finally put the raging Biafra issue to rest.

Consequently, our Coalition,  convinced that Kanu’s action has equally breached international laws, wrote a petition seeking the United Nations to intervene appropriately.

We respectfully forward a copy of the petition to you Sir as further proof of our commitment to the pursuit of lasting peace and stability in Nigeria.

Yours faithfully,


Nastura Ashir Shariff                                                            Abdul-Azeez Suleiman

Chairman                                                                                 Secretary

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