CNG National Officials Picked in Kaduna

The BOT, Chairman of CNG, Nastura Ashir Shariff and the National Coordinator, Balarabe Rufai have been picked by unidentified persons in Kaduna on Thursday.
Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, Spokesperson of CNG told journalists that reasons for their arrest were not yet known as “we are still working to establish connection with them or trace where they are taken to.”
According to him, “both their phone lines have been unreachable for the past two hours.”
“It may not be unconnected with a planned press briefing by the CNG at the club in Kaduna which was botched by the security,” he alleged.
He explained that the head of a security agency in the state “had called us earlier today and tried to threaten us against going ahead with the briefing. We stood our ground and insisted on our right to freedom of association and expression.”
He said a few minutes afterwards, they were called from the Club and informed that there was order from above to refuse them use the Hall.”
“We then went to tell the pressmen who were already gathered at the venue and told them of the development and asked them to disperse because we have suspended the briefing.”
“As we left the Club and were driving along adjacent Nagogo road a hooded Peugeot car blocked the lead car which was conveying the two officials and ordered them into the Peugeot and sped off,” he said.